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Health And Safety At Swindon College

Health and Safety Processes

Welcome to the Swindon College Health and Safety Department. Tel: (01793) 491 591 ext. 1317


The college Health & Safety Advisor is Rumesh Chem. Rumesh's role is to provide advice and guidance to college staff on Health and Safety matters including:

  • Risk assessments
  • COSHH assessment
  • Information on what accidents are occuring and where
  • Training in various health and safety subjects.

If There's An Accident

First Aid Box

If you need a First Aider and there isn’t one in your department, call (01793) 498222 and ask for First Aid Assistance. Tell them what’s happened and where you are and they will send a First Aider to help you. 

There isn’t a First Aider in every department but there is a large team across the college premises.

The First Aid room is in the Phoenix building. It is kept locked for security reasons, but all First Aiders have the access code. If you need to use a First Aid room for any reason, please contact reception in the Phoenix Building.

Once the injured person has been taken care of, complete an accident form and give it to your manager straight away. Download the Accident & Incident form.

If There's A Fire/Emergency Alarm

Assembly Points Map

Download the emergency evacuation assembly points map.

What do I do if I discover a fire?

If you discover a fire, break the glass of the nearest fire alarm point. If it’s a small fire and you know how and which fire extinguisher to use, you can try and put the fire out – but don’t put yourself or anyone else in danger of getting hurt.

What do I do when the emergency alarm sounds?

The alarm is a siren or loud ringing noise. When you hear it, leave the building immediately by the nearest exit and make your way to your Assembly Point.

Click the links below to view the Emergency Evacuation Assembly Points and the Fire Action Notice for the North Star Campus:

Points to Remember

  • Fire marshals can be easily identified as they wear high visibility yellow vests.
  • If you’re a lecturer, make sure all your learners are accounted for, or let a fire marshal know if someone is missing. 
  • If your personal belongings are with you take them, but don’t go back to get anything - keep moving forwards to the nearest exit.
  • Don’t stand on the roads and make sure all learners go to the Assembly Points.
  • Follow instructions from the Fire Marshals – they are there to help you.
  • Do not re-enter the building until you are told to do so by the person in authority.

Further Safety Information can be viewed via the links below:

The department also holds the asbestos register. More information and Policies and Procedures can be found on the college intranet under Documents, Health and Safety.