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Brickwork Apprenticeships


CAREER PATHS: Royal Engineer (Bricklayer and Concrete Specialist), Commercial / Site Bricklayer, Craft Mason.

This Apprenticeship will help to attract, retain and develop talent in trowel occupations and provide progression to supervisory and management level in order to provide the industry with a well trained productive workforce.

The course is designed for people employed in the Construction industry. We follow a flexible learning strategy, with the majority of time spent in a practical environment. The course delivery includes: demonstrations, practical workshops, theory, assignments, learning packs and project work. Students have the opportunity to gain a wide range of practical skills both at college and on building sites in real working conditions. 

Meet our students

Joe Powers

Level 2

Bricklaying Apprenticeship

"I prefer to be at work earning money whilst learning alongside it, this is the best thing about doing an apprenticeship. "