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Motor Vehicle career paths

Motor Vehicle

CAREER PATHS: Light Vehicle Service Technician, Light Vehicle Diagnostic Technician, Motor Vehicle Technician, MOT Tester.

Reliable transport keeps people, goods, services and the economy running smoothly. The industry relies on a steady flow of new entrants and Apprentices help to meet this need.  Apprentices at Level 2 (Service Technician) and Level 3 (Diagnostic Technician) will learn how to diagnose, test and repair a range of vehicles.

Meet our students

Simon Howard

Level 3

Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship

"I thought this was the best way to get experience within the industry. The apprenticeship route has given me real hands-on experience on the job, college training, and I get paid while doing it. The best things about my apprenticeship are learning a trade in a real workplace and workshop and working with experienced people on a variety of interesting vehicles."