Sasha Grant Woodhouse

Level 3 - Catering Apprenticeship



Sasha decided to come to Swindon College to gain more experience. After finding her apprenticeship role in April, she started her studies with the college in September.  She is really enjoying the course and says the best bit is that she can practice in an industry style kitchen.  She can bring her work-learnt skills to college and take back to work what she learns in college. 


Sasha said,

My her tutors are supportive, and will go through skills and paperwork if needed. They are also on hand if extra support is needed.  I work at Sally Pussey’s Inn in Wootton Bassett, and hope that I will continue to work there when my apprenticeship comes to an end. I want to work towards getting a promotion with further development of my skills.


I would definitely recommend Swindon College to others who are looking to take up catering, because of the tutor support and my experience of using the facilities, which are excellent.  Customers who come into The Restaurant are quite often from the general public, so the whole experience is very similar to that of working in a restaurant.