Chloe Dawkins

Level 3 - Diploma in Health & Social Care



Chloe chose to come to Swindon College because the course she wanted to do has a mix of coursework, assignments and one exam for assessment. 


She said,

I find the course is quite challenging, but with the support of my tutors and staff across the college I have been able to complete everything.  I have had very good support from staff across the college, not just my tutors.


Chloe also works 2 days per week as a carer, which she is able to count towards her placement hours and fits around her college days.


Chloe has been successful in gaining an unconditional offer at Bournemouth University to do midwifery.  Chloe says that Bournemouth University received 718 applications but only offers 80 places.

I was given my unconditional place ‘in recognition of my academic record to date’.  Also, Bournemouth University will reward me with an Academic Excellence scholarship of £1,000 in my first year if I achieve AAA or above at A-Level or equivalent at the end of my studies with Swindon College.