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Level 2 Diploma in Bricklaying students help Oak & Furrows to build their new Hedgehog Hospital

23 January 2019

Swindon College level 2 bricklaying students have come to the rescue of a local wildlife sanctuary, Oak & Furrows who are based in Cricklade.  After spotting the call out for help with a new hospital to be installed, staff and students at the college offered to assist by digging out and laying the concrete foundations of the new building, which has now been completed.



Stephen Southern, Course Leader says “When the Oak and Furrows contacted Lecturer Joe Southern with the details of the project, he approached the full time year 2 bricklaying students who were very keen to take on a community project.  They worked extremely hard in what was their first experience of typical construction site conditions and produced work that any construction company would have been proud to produce.”



Connor Chaplin, one of the bricklaying students, commented on the experience saying “This has been a valuable work experience opportunity where I was able to put into practice the skills I’m learning on the course.  We had to start from digging out the site to ensuring the shuttering was fitted correctly and then finally laying the concrete.  We also used plant machinery, ensuring health and safety onsite met requirements.”

The centre rescues hedgehogs and other wild animals which have been injured or in need of care.  Linda Pope, a trustee of the centre said “the hedgehog hospital extension is going to make a huge difference as we currently have 174 hedgehogs.  Some are poorly—ringworm and lungworm mainly and so we have to try and isolate them from the healthy hedgehogs who are just too small to cope outside in the winter months. The additional space is going to enable us to separate them more easily and will free up more space for our other patients which include:  birds, foxes, bats and other small mammals.”

Jay Page, Connor’s classmate said “This experience also helped us with team building and working with others such as the materials suppliers and the client.  We also value the opportunity of being able to contribute something to the local community.”

Pictured are some of the students working at the site.