Could Swindon College’s New Animal Care Course be the GOAT?

25 July 2019

Animals, Mammals, reptiles and birds arrive at Swindon College in preparation for the 2019/20 Animal Care course! This brand new course has been flooded with applications as the students’ classroom is emerged in the centre of the college’s new facility which was mostly built by Level 1 Construction Students.

Dean Parsons, Director of Faculty – Service Sector, who managed the project, said “The work the Level 1 Construction students have done is absolutely astounding. I’m very impressed with how they have applied themselves to this project! Everyone at the College is very excited for this course to take off and we expect big things to come from it! We have grooming facilities for the local community to utilise but we hope it will have a positive impact on the local community as a whole. We expect to have visits from local primary schools to help develop their education.”

The Wellbeing Centre will also be utilising the Animal Care facilities as a way to reach student that may be struggling to open up when going through hardships or mental health issues.

The course is aimed at 16-18 year olds passionate about the welfare of animals who would love to work with them as part of their career. The possible career pathways include Pet Grooming, Veterinary Assistant, RSPCA/SSPCA Inspector and Assistant Dog Trainer. There are a huge range of animals at the facility including snakes, gerbils, turtles, hamsters, spiders and an axolotl.

Swindon College is looking forward to meeting the first generation of Animal Care students in September and would like to thank everyone that helped this project come to life.
For Enquires about attending this course in 2020/21 please contact