Media Make-Up Show Wow's at STEAM!

28 June 2019

Over 400 guests, including industry professionals, showed up to The Steam Museum on Tuesday night to see Swindon College's Media Makeup End of Year Show! The event did not disappoint as the guests were wowed with the high calibre of final pieces produced! 
The night consisted of 5 shows from each year group. FE and HND 2nd year students followed a theme and independently created their designs!  HND First year students worked in small groups to create their own interpretation of The Wizard of Oz. BA students had the opportunity to create anything that they wanted too and they managed to exceed the expectations of the staff at Swindon College. Each year group meticulously created breath-taking designs using a range of techniques such as body painting, wig making, hair, make-up, and prosthetics.
Show 1
BTEC Extended Diploma Production Arts First Year Present
“Fashion is Art”
Show 2
BTEC Extended Diploma Production Arts Second Year Present
“The Secret Garden”
Show 3
HND Performing Arts
(Technical Arts) First Year present
“The Wizard of OZ”
Show 4
HND Performing Arts Production
Second Year present
“Once Upon A Dream”
Show 5
BA (Hons) Advanced Make-up, Hair and Prosthetics Present
Graduate Show
Lecturer Ellie Baskerville said “Every year we don’t think we can top the year before, but it’s just getting better and better. We are all so proud of all the students, they all worked incredibly hard and they've produced great results!"
All the models put on an incredible performance as they walked down the runway and music set the scene for each piece creating an engaging narrative throughout the entire night.