Guild of Bricklaying Competition Success

17 May 2019

Friday 10th May saw Swindon College host the Guild of Bricklaying for the second consecutive year. The Guild of Bricklayers, founded in 1932, is a national organisation and was created with the intention to promote, maintain and celebrate the highest standards of craftsmanship in brickwork.

It was a brilliant event that saw the participation of 8 students in the Junior category and 5 students in the Senior category from 7 different colleges; Bath College, Bridgewater & Taunton College, City of Bristol College, Petroc College, Swindon College, Weston College and Wiltshire College. The competitors received a brief and a drawing on the day, which they needed to build as accurately as possible within the time limit given.

Swindon College saw our own students Katie Peaple and Ryan Owens compete and we would like to congratulate them on their efforts. Ryan achieved 2nd place in the senior category following Max Muggleton Browning from Bridgwater and Taunton College who took first place. Both students started out at Swindon College as Pre-16 students and have worked incredibly hard to achieve the high standard of bricklaying they are working at today. 

Lecturers Stephen Southern and Joe Southern said about their performances “The standard of work in this year’s competition was very high. Both Swindon college students produced good jobs with Ryan just missing out on first place. All those present stated that it was a rewarding and pleasurable day for all concerned.”

Katie said, “Brickwork was something that interested me because it was a practical subject, and I was inspired to follow in my Dad’s footsteps as he was always creating things from wood and mending cars.”  Katie enjoys being creative and plans to progress to Level 3 next year.  Eventually she would like to set up own business after finishing her studies. Katie is the only female in her class but says tutors are really helpful and everyone treats her with respect and she feels included as part of the group, with everyone communicating well together.  

Ryan is now on a Level 2 Apprenticeship with his employer Paul Sellick Brickwork Limited after working his way up from studying construction as a pre-16 student and he said he feels his apprenticeship will give him better prospects for the future.  Ryan won an award during his first full-time year with the College, as a top student in his subject area and he also won first place at the inter-college bricklaying competition held in April 2017 at Brooklands College, Surrey.

The final builds showed great skill and it was clear the competitors take great pride in their work.

We would like to thank the Guild of Bricklayers, sponsors of the event and all the staff and students that participated in the event! Good luck to the competitors participating in the final on the 20th June at Liverpool College.