Health and social care

Health and Social Care

CAREER PATHS: Youth & Community Worker, Health Visitor, Nursery Nurse, Dietician, Social Worker, Midwife, Health Care Assistant, Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Nurse and Paediatric Nurse.

The Health and Social Care sector covers a variety of services across a range of organisations within the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors. Healthcare is a leading employer in the South West - 172,820 people in the region work in the sector.

There are around 8,500 people employed in Health and Social Care in Swindon and a further 20,000 in Wiltshire, with a wide variety and level of jobs and careers available.

The sector is one of the UK’s largest employers with two million currently working across the country making up 13% of the South West’s workforce, and employment numbers are predicted to continue to grow steadily. There is a world-wide demand for people with professional qualifications in Health and Social Care, so you could travel and work in other countries after training in the South West.

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Ciara Jenner

Foundation Degree

Health & Social Care (Higher Apprenticeship)

"Even though I initially had no intentions of “going back to college” I am eternally thankful to all those who have given me this amazing opportunity. If you want to progress your career in an environment that supports you to strive to achieve the best you can, then I recommend you attend the Foundation Degree at Swindon College!"