Art, Design, Media & Production

CAREER PATHS: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Fine Artist, Animator, Illustrator, Photographer, Make-up Artist and Film Production.

The arts have the power to set the imagination free, to move and challenge people. Creative arts education supports the growth of transferable skills enabling you to take up employment within a broad range of industries.


School of Art and Design

Explore a wide range of exciting, stimulating creative opportunities, develop your own individual style. You will be encouraged to experiment within the varied field of Art & Design, drawing from the vibrancy of both historical and contemporary creative practice. You will explore the potential of a wide range of media, materials and technology to develop individual responses to a broad range of creative briefs. All practical work will be supported by the study of Art and Design theory and contextual understanding.


Media Make-up

Interested in the creative side of hair and make-up? Study a wide range of specialist make-up techniques used in Fashion, Film, TV and Theatre productions. If you love being creative, and the work of hair and makeup, this is the perfect career for you opening up a world of opportunities.


Digital Media

The digital world – the future! Affecting all areas of media, become a digital media professional and be part of an every changing digital world. Develop highly desirable specialist skills in technology which can take you into the world of film computer games and visual effects industries.


Performing Arts

If you have ambitions about working in performing arts and related industries, this course will start you off on the right road! A highly practical course, with a mix of workshops, projects and productions delivered by experts in the industry. You will develop your performance skills for areas of theatre and film, as well as acting, theatre making and the business of performing arts. This combined will help you to develop a portfolio of work to help you progress to a range of Level 3 qualifications and a professional performance career.

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