Business, Computing, Finance And Science career paths

Business, Computing, Finance & Science

CAREER PATHS: Marketing Manager, Bank Manager, Personnel/HR Manager, PR Manager, Sales Manager/Assistant, Customer Service Manager, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Network Manager, Systems Analyst, Lab Technician.


In the fast paced world of business there are numerous career opportunities today. In the most basic sense, business provide products or services to consumers, creating a countless variety of jobs in order to create, market, sell and manage these products and services. You can consider a career in both the public or private sectors in areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, real estate and sales to name a few.



Computer Science

In an ever-changing world of Computer Science, learn and develop skills in project management, IT systems, security networking, PC maintenance, software and multi-media developments. Using a wide range of software platforms, explore the latest knowledge, techniques and strategies to become a computer expert!


Applied Science (Forensic)

Explore the many avenues of Forensic Science, where you will have the chance to investigate legal processes, biological and chemical analysis and to build your knowledge of this fascinating industry.

Employment in the Forensic Science industry has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last ten years, due largely to advances in technology, such as the National DNA Database. The police are also relying more on forensic techniques to help solve minor crimes.


Meet our students

Sabina Begum

Level 3

Diploma in Business

"I got 110% support in my mission to achieve a high grade as the lecturers made it obvious that they were there to help me reach my goals."

Meet our students

Nickson Cabral

Level 3

Technical Diploma Computing/Computer Science

"The tutors have been very supportive and I have progressed from Level 1 to Level 3 and am now looking at higher education courses. I plan to continue studying and do a degree in Business & IT at UWE in Bristol."

Meet our students

Molly Buckingham

Level 3

National Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Analytical and Forensic Science)

"My tutors were all very helpful and made the subject very interesting and also recommended to me that I should apply for the role I am currently doing at Steris. "