About our Pathways

What will I learn?

You will be on an individualised study programme, based around your needs and your personal outcome goal. Study programmes are made up of lots of different options that aim to give you a well-rounded education to get you ready for work and life on your chosen pathway.


What is my personal outcome?

This is the goal that you wish to achieve. Where do you want to be after you finish college? You may already know what this is, but some students will need support and guidance from other people such as family, College, and other professionals. This programme is designed to help you develop as a person, increase your skills, and to maximise your life chances after College.


Individualised Study Programme

Your study programme is everything you will learn or take part in while you are at College. It is made up of different elements that are agreed with you before you start the course. KIPP Characteristics sessions are a chance for you to develop yourself based on the skills that we know will help you in the professional world, e.g. resilience, determination, self-control, optimism, gratitude, zest and curiosity.


How much study will I do in a week?

Full time courses are 16 hours per week. This is usually 3 days, 9am to 4pm, but some programmes are spread over four or five days. You may not have a full day, it depends on what suits your needs.

We will make the decision on an individual basis with you when we meet.


How will my week look?

All students will take part in maths and English classes, ‘core study’ lessons, and regular tutorials, as well as enrichment and work experience both internally and externally (if appropriate).

In addition to your hours, we will organise some work-related and enterprise experience, to help you decide on your next steps. This could include running a juice bar, café service, working on a construction project, or starting a small business idea. Your programme will be built around your chosen subject?


What if three days is too much?

We can explore ways for you to reduce your timetable, by accessing community activities on the days you are not in College. As always, we can discuss this when we meet you.


I’m worried about coming to a big College!

Don’t worry! We can arrange with you to attend College for a taster session or a meeting. Just contact the Transitions Team on: