‘Academic Dress’ for our students consists of a black robe, worn over your clothes, and a hood, which hangs down your back displaying your award colours. You will also wear a Mortar board which is traditional head wear for Graduation.

You can order your academic dress to hire or to purchase should you wish to, on this link https://graduation-services.edeandravenscroft.com/graduation/

Please have ready your height in centimetres, and your head circumference about an inch above your eyebrows to hand when booking. You will also need method of payment.

Gowns must be ordered by XXth October to ensure delivery to the Ceremony. A small number of Gowns will be available on the day, but the fit and colour is not guaranteed. These will be on a first come first served basis, and you will be charged a premium on the day.

Staff from Ede & Ravenscroft will assist you in gowning on the day, and will collect your gowns at the end of the day. Please look out for the collection table, and deadline to return these or you may incur further charges.

As this is a high profile and formal occassion we strongly advise you to dress appropriately, and a smart dress code is advised.

It is advised to wear a suit, or Jacket and trousers with a suitable shirt and tie.

You will find it helpful to wear something with a buttoned front, such as a blouse or dress. This helps to secure the hood fastening.

Please don’t have your hair up as this prevents the mortar board from sitting correctly. You may need some grips to hold your mortar board in place.

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