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For those who have been out of education for some time or have few or no existing formal qualification.

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Have you ever felt that you missed out on opportunities when you were younger? If so, the Access to Higher Education programme at Swindon College may well be for you. Courses are one year full time and timed to fit around the school day and other commitments.

Access programmes are designed for adults (normally 19+), and are stepping stones to Higher Education (HE). The Access course is equivalent to three A Levels and is accepted for entry requirements to related degree or foundation degree courses at British universities.

Swindon College is one of the largest providers of HE in Wiltshire, with undergraduates studying a wide variety of qualifications. Many of them started with Access qualifications.

You can apply for financial support, called an Adult Learner Loan, for these courses.

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Access pathways

  • Access to HE Science and Maths
  • Access to HE Education Studies
  • Access to HE Health Professionals
  • Access to HE Nursing
  • Access to HE  Midwifery
  • Access to HE Business and Management
  • Access to HE Computing
  • Access to HE Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Access to HE Diploma in Policing and Criminology
  • Access to HE Diploma in Psychology and Criminology

Who would benefit from an Access to HE course?

An Access course will help you progress to a level where you can study a wide range of degree courses at university. The emphasis of all courses is on developing the skills needed for you to become an effective and independent student.

You will be helped to develop your study, IT, numeracy and team work skills as well as developing other knowledge and abilities relevant to your chosen university route.

You will learn how to

  • Manage time effectively
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses
  • Set your own goals
  • Structure essays and write reports
  • Carry out research in the College library
  • Make effective notes
  • Revise and operate in exam conditions
  • Work effectively in small groups.

Access Courses Courses

Access to HE Policing and Criminology

Adult learners who would like to study for a degree course or further professional training but have limited academic qualifications can enrol in the Access Diploma in Policing and Criminology.  The one-year diploma course has a range of study modules that include the psychology of criminal investigation, judicial systems, restorative justice, conformity and obedience and study skills.

1 year

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Access to HE Humanities and Social Sciences

The Access Diploma in Humanities course is for adults who have limited qualifications but would like to progress after completion to a degree course or go on to further professional training.  The course is studied full time over one academic year and includes subjects such as law, psychology, sociology, and history.  The higher education opportunities available to students include primary school teaching, history, sociology, psychology and law.

1 year

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Access to HE Social Sciences

The Access Diploma in Social Work is a course for adults who have limited academic qualifications but who would like to undertake a degree course or further professional training. The full time, one-year course includes subjects that, when successfully completed, open the doors to higher levels of study in social policy.   The study modules are comprised of contract law, law in social work, non-fatal offences against a person, judicial systems and independent study skills.

1 year

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Access to HE Health Professions

For those adults who would like to pursue professional training or a degree course but have limited academic qualifications, the Access to Health Care Professions is the perfect choice.

1 year


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