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Be Inspired by Swindon Colleges past and present students across a wide variety of courses. Click on your area of interest below and then review what our students have to say about their experiences here at Swindon College.

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Chris Taylor

Year 3 | Graphice Design

I was taken to the art and design studios where I was very impressed with everything I would have access to.
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Kaci Luker

Level 3 | Accountancy Apprenticeship

I have a really good employer, they make things easier and are really supportive. I have learnt so much not just in my area of study but also life skills
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Samual Large

Level 3 | Automotive

I have gone from not feeling successful in life, to feeling feel like I can take over the world. I’m going to take this moment and shape it into something special. If something is not for you or you don’t have the passion for it, don’t waste your potential or time and make that change.
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Angela Pimble

Level 3 | Early Years Apprenticeship

My assessor has been very helpful with my college work and my employer has also been very supportive
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Jade Cunneen

Level 2 | Automotive, Level 2

I didn’t want to throw away fi ve years of hard work down the drain for a one year off , and I’m determined more than ever to conquer my dreams.
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Rebecca Fernandes

Level 2 | Engineering, Level 2

Now when I reflect back on that time of my life it’s like looking at a completely diff erent person, since coming to college I can now talk to people without shying away.
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Tia Stepp

Level 2 | Beauty

I’ve felt so welcomed here and the Beauty course has really helped me flourish because you have to be professional, learn how to talk to clients and get to show your personality.
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Francesca Scott

Level 2 | Apprenticeship in Motor Vehicle

Teachers know the subject very well and have contacts. We can pick their brains for possible job opportunities and apprenticeships.
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Jemima Thomson

BA | Media Make-up BA

The tutors do as much as they can to encourage you to do independent work and gain experience to try and set you up as best as possible for the industry. The support you receive is second to none.
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