If you are looking to enter the world of work and want to continue your education, then Apprenticeships could be the ideal route for you. 

Each Apprenticeship involves a structured programme of training leading to a recognised qualification, and they are available at different levels, letting you choose the speed you wish to learn.

Kaci Luker

Level 3

Accountancy Apprenticeship

"I have a really good employer, they make things easier and are really supportive. I have learnt so much not just in my area of study but also life skills"

Angela Pimble

Level 3

Early Years Apprenticeship

"My assessor has been very helpful with my college work and my employer has also been very supportive"

Tia Stepp

Level 2


"I’ve felt so welcomed here and the Beauty course has really helped me flourish because you have to be professional, learn how to talk to clients and get to show your personality."

Gemma Seal

Level 5

Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Higher Apprenticeship

"It’s been challenging but the support from my college and my work at the theatre department in Great Western Hospital has been amazing. It was a lot of fun to meet people and further myself. I’ve made great friends and a lot of us work together at the hospital."

Adrel Silveira

Level 2

IT Apprenticeship Technican

"You can’t find everything in books, sometimes you have to learn by doing."

Kaylee Allan

Level 3

NVQ in Plumbing and Heating

"Everything has clicked into place with the Apprenticeship, I never could have imagined working for such a prestigious company – it’s been the best couple of years."

Nevaeh Marie Gardiner

Level 3

NVQ in Plumbing and Heating

"I have had lots of encouraging feedback and positive comments from customers which reassures you that you are doing a great job – it’s a brilliant feeling!"

Samual Bobs

Level 3

NVQ in Plumbing and Heating

"The College have been magnificent to me, the course has been great and the teachers have been amazing!"

Sophie Pook



"It may take me longer but it has made me more determined to be successful! "

Alice Neighbour

Level 3

Technician Apprentice (BMW)

"I would recommend that everyone considers doing an Apprenticeship as long as it is right for you, apply and see how you get on!"

Tom Wainwright

Level 6

Technician Apprentice (BMW)

"An Apprenticeship puts you in the job that can propel you further in your career, I know that when I complete this Apprenticeship I will be a step ahead of others who will be applying for a job at the company."

Leanne Durham

Level 3

Tool Maker Apprentice (BMW)

"You should always aim high, it’s better to have huge ambition and try something new because at the end of the process you will have gained a great skill."