Sophie Pook

Apprentice | Photography

Sophie Pook, 20, struggled with the pressures of GCSEs, learning difficulties and a troubled home life resulting in her finishing secondary school with very few qualifications. 

Despite her obstacles, Sophie has always had a passion for Photography which led her to visiting Swindon College where she was blown away by how accommodating tutors and staff were. 

Now Sophie is studying for her HND in Photography after obtaining qualifications in Level 2 and 3 in Art and Design. Although the Art and Design course isn’t photography based, the lecturers have worked to incorporate this as much as possible for Sophie to help her develop skills in this area 

Studying Photography at the college has encouraged her to pursue her ambition of doing a Bachelor of Arts course in the subject when she completes the HND. Sophie wants to fulfil a lifelong dream of being able to teach Photography to young people – she says she never had this when she was growing up and wants to give this opportunity to others. 

“I Struggled in secondary school with being able to express my thoughts onto paper and I was better at saying how to do it, rather than writing it down in words, it was because of this that I was placed in the lower sets at school.  

“I think I have dyslexia but I haven’t been officially diagnosed with it yet, and it was picked up on by the college. My approach is to just get on with it because although it may take me longer it has made me more determined to be successful! 

“My family and the college have really supported me which has been tremendous for me. It just goes to show what you can achieve with the right support and mind set.” 

"It may take me longer but it has made me more determined to be successful! "

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