Chris Taylor

Year 3 | Graphice Design

Have you considered a career in Graphic Design? Find out why people choose to study their BA (Hons) Graphic Design Degree at Swindon College.
Chris Taylor is a current third year student on this course, he has shared his experiences from enrolling onto the course and what it has been like for him studying at the college.
Chris has always been interested in Art from a young age but after he finished school he decided not to go to university straight away, this is because Chris wanted to take time to decide what it was he wanted to do with his future.
It wasn’t until he was the age of 22 that he realised that his passion was in Graphic Design.
At the time Chris was living in Ireland, where he had enrolled onto a HND course in Graphic Design at the Dublin Institute of Design (one-year course) where he was given an introduction into the graphic design world.
It was this experience that led to him wanting to further his qualifications and skills in this creative field.
He had visited other universities across the country but wasn’t given a great first impression. Chris had seen advertised Oxford Brookes BA course in Graphic Design where he would study at Swindon College.
“After seeing the course advertised I decided to visit Swindon College but I hadn’t booked an appointment with the lecturers, even though they were unaware that I was arriving to have a look around, they were very accommodating.
“I was taken to the art and design studios where I was very impressed with everything I would have access to. I was also shown students work present and past and what was expected of me on the course, what I would learn and potential job prospects after the course.
“I asked the important question, if there was one-to-one time and how big the classes were, ‘Small classes and plenty of one-to-ones because of this’.
“I was impressed with the class size, the one-to- one opportunity, live job experiences and opportunities, the passion and the enthusiasm shown by staff whilst showing me around, talking about the course and the facilities.
“The way I was spoken to and the way they treated me made me feel like I was valued as an individual.”
In Chris’s first year he had the opportunity to redesign Lawn Primary School’s logo and got to work with the National Trust as a Digital Guidebook Producer. It was this experience that gave him the confidence in his second year of the course to apply for a prestigious opportunity to work as a Junior Graphic Designer at Swindon College – and he was successful with his application.
Chris added: “Whilst being on the course I have learned so much and had so many opportunities which I have been able to work on including live projects with real clients.
“When I look back to where I came from and where I am now, I feel I wouldn’t have the same opportunities or experiences if I had gone to another university or college. I can confidently say that this course has showed me all elements of design which has given me the tools to use in a real-life working environment.”
"I was taken to the art and design studios where I was very impressed with everything I would have access to."

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