Like most libraries, we charge fines for items which have become overdue. You will receive a reminder by e-mail or post the day after the item is overdue, and a second reminder after one week. It is your responsibility to return your books within the loan period. Overdue items accrue fines at the following rates:

Loan Type


7 day loan 20p per day
3 week loan 10p per day

If you have more than £3 in fines, your account will be blocked. This means that you are unable to borrow/renew any further items until the fine is paid. 

We charge fines because our resources are in demand. Fines are to encourage borrowers to return their items on time, so allowing another borrower to use them. If you have any problems with items you have borrowed, please contact us immediately. You can do this by:


  • Telephoning the Library Desk on: 01793 491 591, extension 1500
  • Send an email to 
  • Come and see us at the Library Desk in the LDC