You can renew any item up to three times, as long as no one else has requested it. Once you have reached three renewals, the book has to be returned to the library as soon as possible. You can renew items:

  • In person at the library desk
  • By phone: (01793) 491 591, extension 1500
  • On-line by accessing your library record by clicking here
  • By email 


Reserving items

You can reserve an item only if all the copies, except the reference copy, are out on loan. You will be notified by e-mail when the item is ready to collect. You can make a reservation;

  • In person at the library desk
  • Using the MyCirqa App for Apple and Android smartphones (user guide available on Moodle )
  • On-line via the library catalogue following the steps below:

Log in to the Reader code using your student ID number in the top right-hand side.
Search for the book you want and click on the underlined link of the book title.
Click on the reserve button under the image of the book. A box should appear to inform you that your reservation has succeeded. If unsuccessful, please contact the Learning & Development Centre by telephoning (01793) 491 591, extension 1500 or by emailing: 

Click here to watch our short video guides to using the library catalogue and reserving books online.