Please ask at the Support Desk if you would like to buy any of the stationery listed below:



Binder Set (Comb, Front & Back) - £1.00
Binder Comb - £0.50
Binder Front (Clear) - £0.25
Binder Back (Black/White) - £0.25
Blue Spine Bar (9mm) - £0.25



Stationary Items

Clear plastic pocket - £0.05
Report wallet - £0.15
Pen (black,blue or red ) - £0.15
Pencil - £0.05
Pencil sharpener (metal) - £0.25
Ruler (30cm) - £0.25
Eraser - £0.10
A4 lined notepad - £0.30
Glue Stick (10g) - £0.20
Divider - £0.25
Tippex - £0.10


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Kaci Luker

Level 3 | Accountancy Apprenticeship

I have a really good employer, they make things easier and are really supportive. I have learnt so much not just in my area of study but also life skills
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Samual Large

Level 3 | Automotive

I have gone from not feeling successful in life, to feeling feel like I can take over the world. I’m going to take this moment and shape it into something special. If something is not for you or you don’t have the passion for it, don’t waste your potential or time and make that change.