Team GB Athlete, Toby Olubi, visits Swindon College

Toby Olubi, who competes for the GB Winter Athletics Team in the bobsled event, came to Swindon College to talk to Sport & Public Services students about his experiences and to put the students through some of the training paces he undertakes to be able to maintain his fitness.  These included press ups, using a resistance training band and wall squats.  One student, Kerry McKenna, managed an incredible 12 minutes for the wall squat challenge!



He talked to the students about not only the need to be physically fit but also about the positive attitude and using goal setting to reach the very top of whatever activity the students choose to undertake for a career.  He said that in his career in the GB bobsled team he has had to learn very quickly as a lot rides on getting it right, the slightest mistake can impact not just him but that of his team mates too.  He said that it has provided some good life-lessons along the way.



When Toby stands at the top of the run, he said fear does sometimes cross his mind but he looks at it rationally.  “False Evidence Appearing Real” – whenever you face a big obstacle, look at what that fear is then put it into context of what you are doing, what you want to achieve and are you going to overcome that fear and attain your goal?  Short term discomfort leads to long term gains.  Decide who you want to be in the long term and work towards it, but he said also that the student should just jump in and try all sorts of things if they don’t have a particular goal so that they can find out where their strengths lie.


Toby was happy to answer questions from the students at the end of each session, where he was asked everything from how many calories he consumed on a hard training day (somewhere in the region of 4000!) to how much can you earn, which has a rather complex answer and came down to how well they perform at their next event which will determine whether the next 4 years will be supported by UK Sport.


The students were also interested in what type of workouts Toby did, which he said ranged from sprint training to be the quickest out of the gate pushing the sled, to upper body strength and core strength.  Toby recommended that when thinking about diet and exercise, the most important factor is to be more active and don’t skip meals.



Sport tutor, Chris Pitman reported that this was a really positive and inspiring event, and we thank Toby for coming to spend the morning with our students.