Taking a tour of the new computer lab at Swindon College

Swindon College is investing in the future by purchasing new equipment for Computing Students’ use in the computer lab.  There is a wealth of the most up-to-date, high speed and high calibre kit that has recently been installed, some of it by the students themselves.

There are now 16 computers with modern Intel CPUs with more processing power and memory.  This state of the art new kit also has high end graphics cards and drives  which increase the speed of processing, giving an overall improvement in performance across all applications. 



The HND students helped with building the computers when they first arrived, giving them experience which they will be able to take with them to a job role.

Other Level 2 and 3 BTEC Diploma students also benefit by being able to configure and install operating systems and install applications which can include antivirus and office applications. 

Alongside the new computers, there are also robots and new mobile devices.  Two new Arduino programmable robots have joined the equipment available for students to use.  They are programmable via a USB connection to a pc, which the students can then send code to and have them working straight away.  This enables the students to see how their computer coding works in a three dimensional environment, rather than just on the screen.  There are so many applications where robots are used now that this will be a valuable tool for students to learn with.  It is a growing sector within the science and technology arena, with robots being used where it is too dangerous to send humans, for example in situations such as the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan after the tsunami.  There is also a rapid growth in the use of robots in warehousing in the retail sector so this really is an area where our students will gain knowledge and skills that they can take into many areas in the world of work.



Plans for future development include Coding Club, Troubleshooting Workshops, Team Challenges and programming the robotic devices.  There are also live projects coming into the IT students from local organisations which will include mobile app development from how it will work and look to the app being available to end-users.


If you would like more information about our computing courses, please visit the website at www.swindon.ac.uk or contact our friendly Student Services team on 01793 498106.