Podcast Goes International

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The College’s podcast has gone international, with listeners tuning in from all over the world.

The Inspired Thoughts Podcast was launched at the end of November last year and has proved to be a massive hit with people across the USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Poland, Belgium, India, China, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand – as well as in the UK.

When it came to creating the show and deciding what the podcast would represent, an idea was quickly formulated that it would epitomise ‘real people’ and their inspirational journey,
showcasing the path they have been on to get to where they are now.

So far, the guests have been former and current students who have gone on to make a name for themselves or inspire others with their stories.

The podcast has had a variety of different guests ranging from an award-winning Author, fashion Model, Actress, disability champion and eco warriors. The show has many layers that it dives deeper into when it comes to tackling topics or highlighting issues.   

Listeners have been able to hear what it has been like for a young woman who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, the story of a former student who has grown up having to live her life in a wheel chair but is using her disability to inspire others, as well as how two teenagers are trying to save the planet.

Its brilliant stories like this, which has led to the podcast being ranked a very prestigious 226th across Great Britain on Apple Podcasts.

The show is presented by Reece Chaplin, he is the Social Media and Marketing Officer at the College. His professional background is in Broadcast Journalism, where he has presented on television and radio news channels across the country.  

He said: “Swindon College has so many people coming here that are inspirational, who go on to do exceptional things. It’s all about how we can help them to tell their story.

“I get to meet people from all walks of life, it’s an honour to get to be the one who they open up to and that they trust.

“You get to see that side of someone not having much to being a world-famous author, it can be inspiring.”

Reece added: “Podcasts are the best way to share those stories, it’s the trend at the moment, it’s really blossoming.”

You can listen to the podcast on many platforms including Spotify, Apple and Amazon.