Welcome to the Swindon College Chaplaincy Page!


What is Chaplaincy at Swindon College?

Chaplaincy is a provision of pastoral and spiritual support for students and staff of all faiths and none. We are here to offer friendship and spiritual care for all members of the college.

Chaplains are often referred to as ‘Independent Listeners’; we are not here to judge people or to try to impose our own faith and beliefs on anyone, in all events we are only here to help you.

What do chaplains do?

Chaplaincy at Swindon College might involve supporting individual students and staff in a crisis, chatting in coffee bars and corridors, as well as playing pool, table tennis and chess in the Wellbeing Centre. From time to time, we run multi-faith events to help students understand and respect religious diversity. We can also be signposts to local faith communities.

Would you like to speak to a chaplain?

You can arrange to meet a chaplain by speaking to Saxone Trueman in the Wellbeing Centre, or alternatively:

  • Pop in to the Wellbeing Centre between 12:00 and 1:00pm Mondays to Friday and you should find a chaplain there
  • Stop a chaplain, found most days between 11am and 2pm in the Wellbeing Centre or Entrance Concourse. We're usually identified by our 'College Chaplain' purpose polo shirts!