Guide to Safeguarding

Swindon College has a legal and moral duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults attending the College.

  • Child protection looks at recognising abuse and neglect and acting to stop it.
  • Safeguarding looks at keeping children, young people and adults safe from a wide range of potential harm, and looks at ways of preventing harm as well as well as acting to stop it.
  • Prevent is about supporting students and helping to stop them from becoming involved in extremist/terrorist activities

College objectives:

  • To provide a safe environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults to learn and develop in
  • To identify people who are experiencing, or likely to experience significant harm, or are at risk of being drawn into radicalisation/terrorism
  • To provide support and take appropriate action to make sure students have positive outcomes
  • To safeguard through the curriculum and pastoral support and by the promotion of a college ethos where students feel secure, valued and listened to.


Every student at Swindon College has the right to feel safe and to be safe. This not only covers physical safety, but emotional and mental safety too.

We are committed to making sure that all students are safe at College.

Students will have access to a Personal Tutor, Student Support Officer and many other staff who are available to listen and help with any issues or concerns they might have. Parent/carers are also encouraged to bring forward any potential concerns to the dedicated Safeguarding Team.

Where any potential issues may arise where someone does not feel safe, if something has happened, or a student or parent/carer have concerns that something might happen to threaten someone’s safety, then we can do something to help.

We promise to:

LISTEN carefully and take your concerns seriously

ACT sensitively and explain what will happen next

GIVE REASSURANCE that we can help

NEVER JUDGE – we are here to help you

RECORD what is said 

REACT - take appropriate action to address the issues raised either internally or via an external agency

Concerns about safeguarding

For any concerns or questions regarding safeguarding at Swindon College, please contact:

Swindon College Designated Safeguarding Lead, David Francis on 01793 491591

Download the Safeguarding Policy