About the Advanced Learner Loan

  • You can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to help with the costs of an FE course if you are studying a Level 3 or 4 qualification and are over 19.
  • Loans do not have to be repaid until you are earning more than a certain amount, please see our repayment guide for further details.
  • There are no credit checks and eligibility does not depend on your income.
  • There are no upper age restrictions for the loan.


To be eligible for the Advanced Learner Loan you must:

  • Be 19+ on the first day of your course
  • Meet the nationality/residency status outlined here.
  • Your course must qualify for the Advanced Learner Loan. To find out if your course qualifies please ask a member of our Student Services Team.


Information on Fees

For the most recent and up to date information around fees for any of our adult courses please contact Student Services for tailored advice for your circumstances and course you wish to study.


How to Apply

Check with Student Services that your course qualifies for the Advanced Learner Loan.

If it does you will be given a ‘Learning and Funding Information Letter’ (LAFIL) by Student Services at enrolment this will contain all the information you will need to make the loan application. Please go to the Student Finance England website to apply.



Some people repay something, some people repay nothing, some people repay everything.

Depending on when you started your course this will dictate which repayment plan you are on. Follow this easy guide to determine which repayment plan you will follow. This will also explain what the interest rates are on your loans.


Useful Information

Contact student services T 01793 498106  E Studentservices@swindon.ac.uk

Visit the Government website for the most up-to-date information on Advanced Learner Loans.

Student Finance England help line 0800 100 0619

Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm

Saturday – Sunday 9am to 4pm


We would always recommend taking independent advice before taking out a Student Loan. This could just be talking it through with a trusted family member or friend or for free independent financial advice please visit the Money Advice Service.


Once you have taken out your loan, you may then qualify for a Bursary from the college. Click here for further information on our Loans Bursary Fund or contact Student Finance.

T 01793 491591 E studentfinance@swindon.ac.uk