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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will I automatically receive support in class when I start college?
The Additional Support team will always do the best they can to meet your identified needs, this may be with in-class support or assistive technology; you will receive training in how to use any recommended software/hardware.  For those students with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) we would hope to mirror as much as possible the support you had at school, but this will be different as you move through the stages of education. For all other students, we would follow the information provided from your Diagnostic Interview with a Learning Support Tutor (LST).  If you think you need support and are not receiving it we would always recommend that you come to talk to us in the Skills Development Centre (BG06) or contact additionalsupport@newcollege.ac.uk

2. I don't want someone sitting next to me. Can I still have support in class?
We want you to build your independence and understand that you may not want someone sitting next to you.  It is rare for you to be the only student within a class that has an identified need, so LSAs will give you time to work on your own before checking in with you and other members of the class. If you need notes from a lesson they will be emailed to you after lesson or shared with you on OneNote (Office 365).

3. What support can be provided in my lessons?
If appropriate, we encourage students to use assistive technology to support independent learning; this will be discussed with you at your Diagnostic Interview.  LSAs can provide a range of services for students; it all depends on what works for the individual. LSAs offer support in note taking, breaking down tasks and organising workloads and schedules.

4. Can I get support from LSAs outside of class?
We are able to offer some 1:1 study skills sessions which can be used to plan work, help you organise your work and complete tasks. These can be arranged once you have settled into college, should you feel you need this support. The Skills Development Centre (BG06) offer drop-in study support sessions from 12pm until 2pm each weekday – we encourage students to make use of these workshops.

5.What evidence do I require to prove my child has had exam arrangements at school?
They will need a signed copy of their Form 8

6.I am feeling anxious about starting College, do you have any advice?
We hope to run a Transition Project, which will be on the 17th, 18th & 19th August, which will hopefully help to ease some anxieties. This has been a difficult year for everybody; the restrictions that are in place at the time will determine how we run the project. To find out more please email additionalsupport@newcollege.ac.uk or call us: 07503 655221
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