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        Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does every student need to attend English and Maths classes while at college?  
You will only be enrolled to an English and/or Maths GCSE or Functional skills class if you did not achieve a grade 4 or above and are under 19 years old at the time of enrollment. If you received a grade 4 in English Literature, or are over 19, you may be able to opt in to English Language and/or Maths.  You will need to speak with your course tutor in the first instance who will then discuss this with the English and Maths team.

2. If I need to attend classes how long will they last and how many times do I have to attend?
Classes are normally around 90 minutes but his may vary. You will also be expected to complete online learning to support your studies.  We expect you to attend all your lessons as you are working towards an exam and every lesson is important. You will also completed assessments throughout the year to assess your areas of development.
3. Do I need to take an exam? 
Yes. The GCSE Exams run along with the National Exams in May and June and similar for Functional Skills.

4.What happens if I do not pass?
If you still do not achieve a grade 4 in the GCSE exam then you will continue to study in the following year.

5. Will I get a qualification at the end of this?
If you sit the exam and achieve a grade 1 to 9, then you will receive a certificate for the appropriate examining board to show that you have the qualification.

6. What if GCSE is too hard? I only got a grade 1 or U in my exam so a grade 4 seems too much?
We look at your grade on entry to determine if you should study GCSE or Functional Skills. You will also complete an assessment to identify your strengths and areas for further development. If you have found the GCSE grade 4 was out of reach, then we do have Functional Skills classes, which are a separate, more practical approach to English and Maths. This is an ideal way to get you working towards the GCSE qualification. We are not just interested in getting you a grade 4 then waving you off; we want to help you progress. So, if you came in with a grade 2 from school and you achieve a 3 in your first year at college, then you are heading in the right direction! There is every likelihood that you would gain a grade 4 in the following academic year.
Just remember that we are here to help you every step of the way. It takes some students a little bit longer, or a slightly different route, to gain the qualifications needed for the workplace. You will have plenty of support to help you to achieve the grade you need whilst you study with us.

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