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        Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Foundation Learning courses do you offer?
New College Swindon provides a wide range of learning opportunities for learners of all ages over a range of levels. Check out our website or full time prospectus to find out more.

2. Does my child have to be recommended to join your courses?
No, you can apply yourself.

3. Is there an age restriction for joining a course?
Pathway to Independence has a minimum age of 16 and above. The Pathway to Work has a minimum age of 16 and above.

4. Does my child need any qualifications from school to attend college?
No. If you get in touch with us we can go through the programmes in detail.

5. How much time will my child spend at college?
Full time courses are around 15 hours per week. This is usually 3 days, 9am to 4pm.. You may not have a full day, it depends on what suits your needs. We will make the decision on an individual basis with you when we meet.

6. What will my child be doing while at college?
Pathway to Independence study programmes are made up of lots of different options that aim to give students a well-rounded education to get them ready for work and life on their chosen pathway. With Pathway to Progress students develop employability skills and gain work experience within the College through a range of projects, either internally or externally, into work or further study.

7. Is there a choice of courses for my child?
Our Pathway to Progress allows students the choice to study, Multi-Trade Construction, , Hair/Beauty Therapy, Health and Social Care and Childcare, Independence, Work experience and Animal Care.

8. What will my child be able to progress onto a full time course at college?
On completion of their Foundation Learning, Students will be able to progress onto further study or employment and gain a recognised qualification.

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