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        Frequently Asked Questions

                                  1. What do you offer?                                                         
Swindon College offers a range of courses from, HNC, HND, Foundation Degrees to BA (Hons) Degrees.

2. What different course levels are available?    
The HNC/HND are Level 4/5, Foundation Degrees are Level 5, and BA (Hons) Degrees are Level 6.
        3. What grades and qualifications do I need to apply?
The Access to Higher Education courses are available to people 19+, regardless of what they did (or didn’t) achieve first time around and is a stepping stone for entry into a Higher Education course at college or University.  Some of our courses are progression routes from our Further Education courses, so completing a Level 3 for example can get you into an HNC/D in the same subject area. For more information on entry requirements for other courses visit our website www.swindon.ac.uk or view our HE Prospectus on line

 4. How do I apply?                        
For HNC and HND courses you need to apply directly to Swindon College.  For Foundation Degrees and BA (Hons) degrees you need to apply directly to UCAS.  (See our website for a direct link to UCAS to apply). We will then be informed by UCAS of your application.
5. What funding is available for me?     
For a UCAS application course, if you visit the UCAS website you will find out information on how to apply for a loan to help with course fees and living expenses. There are grants available under certain criteria. Please check at https:/student-finance.  Swindon College also offers a hardship fund which you may be eligible for, according to your individual circumstances.
                        6. Will I get support at Swindon College as a Higher Education student?      
We know that every student has individual needs, and will begin their studies with a range of different experiences of education in the past. We will do our best to provide support to help you reach your maximum potential, trying to remove as many barriers to your learning as possible. We have a dedicated HE Study Support Officer who can offer one to one or group support for all students studying Higher Education qualifications.
                        7. What do the terms APL and APEL mean?                   
You may have studied elsewhere for all or part of a qualification and wish to progress or complete here at Swindon College. Accredited Prior Learn (APL) is a term used for gaining access or direct entry onto a course with previous certificated learning or credits from a course not completed. APEL is Accredited Prior Experimental Learning, which includes knowledge and skills gained through other experiences such as working, volunteering or interests.  For more information contact HEAdmissions@swindon.ac.uk or visit our website www.swindon.ac.uk
                        8. Why should I choose Swindon College for a Higher Education course?   
Choosing Swindon College means that course fees can be cheaper than a University. You will also have smaller class sizes than University which means you will have more individual tutor time.  Also if you live locally you can save money on expenses like accommodation, living costs and transport. For more information email HEAdmissions@swindon.ac.uk

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