Swindon College is passionate about helping young people gain vaulable qualifications and industry experience for their ideal career path. We offer courses for 16-18 year olds as well as apprenticeships and Higher Education courses that are a more affordable alternative to Universities. Our main Higher Education partners are Oxford Brookes University and the University of Gloucestershire. We strive to prepare you for your ideal industry as much as possible, this may be done through industry related briefs, work experience and more. If you have any questions then please contact our Student Services Team on (01793) 498 106
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Kaci Lucker

Level 3 | Accountancy Apprenticeship

I have a really good employer, they make things easier and are really supportive. I have learnt so much not just in my area of study but also life skills
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Samual Large

Level 3 | Automotive

I have gone from not feeling successful in life, to feeling feel like I can take over the world. I’m going to take this moment and shape it into something special. If something is not for you or you don’t have the passion for it, don’t waste your potential or time and make that change.